Matthias Miller

Matthias Miller

Advisor • Consultant • Coach

“The problems that the majority of leaders face are not because they are incapable of making good decisions or lacking vision. For many the multiple areas of responsibility become a tangled web where clear vision is reduced to cloudy near-sighted decisions.

“Matthias with Multiply Your Strengths had a way of asking the right questions, prompting thought processes that brought clarity to business decisions and life choices that were in front of me.”

-J. Nelson Hoover Innovative Structures, Inc.


“It’s easy as a leader to get in the weeds, and you don’t see very far. These questions pop you out of the weeds and give you an overall picture. Just because a fire isn’t burning the brightest, doesn’t mean it’s not the most important.”

-Arlynn Miller director of New Horizons Ministries & New Horizons Thrift Stores

“Matthias combines deep curiosity with intense passion. When he talks, I listen.”

-Craig Entrepreneur

“I appreciated your candidness and the insights you discussed…. “I appreciate your helpfulness. Keep producing quality content!”

-Jason Sales Professional

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